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Provisional Capital Memorial Hall

Special Exhibition

Every year since its opening in 2012, the Memorial Hall of Provisional Capital holds special exhibitions related to specific topics of Busan's modern history and promotes the city's historical and culturalidentity to its citizens. Special exhibitions also feature citizens in various aspects of life and changes of the Busan region after the liberation through (Busan Wheat Noodles) and (Uam-dong Story), which were planned based on everyday life and recorded information of citizens along with an historic fact survey.

Data Excavation and Field Survey

The Memorial Hall of Provisional Capital has been promoting various data excavation and collection related to Busan's modern period since its opening. It actively gathers data through field surveys in the Busan region, and publishes the data as a series of academic research papers, enriching survey performance and quality in the process. Discovered and collected data is linked with special exhibition data to provide broad understanding about Busan's modern period

Museum Education

The Memorial Hall of Provisional Capital conducts family-friendly training experience programs for children and parents to enjoy together. The training is focused on themes to learn the life of citizens and history of Busan during the Provisional Capital period and also features "soft and tender rubber shoe making" class held at the Provisional Capital Tent Classroom. The venue plans various on-site experiential programs to ensure children have continued interest in Busan's history and culture and will continue to develop other training programs to help understand the modern history of Busan.

Relic Donation and Management

The Memorial Hall of Provisional Capital has received and managed roughly 2,000 relics since its opening in 1984. The museum storage and exhibition rooms are filled with relics related to the Korean War, old and hand-stained relics from the refugee period in Busan, and relics with traces of the industrial period. The hall endeavors to preserve these relics and opens them to citizens not only for exhibition, but also as academic research materials. As part of an effort to honor donors, the museum is planning to publish a donation relic log and academic series based on important relics.
The Memorial Hall of Provisional Capital always welcomes your relic donation.