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Since its opening in 1978, about 8,000 items of cultural properties have been donated from the owners of the relics in home and abroad. The relics are all priceless cultural properties that have been through a difficult decision process to be displayed; It includes pottery, paintings & writings, earthenware, Buddhist remains, folk remains, etc.

Busan Museum is not only doing its best on preserving and managing the donated cultural properties but also exhibiting and using as material for scientific research.

Relics donation is another way to express affection on cultural property and a precious action to allow all nations to share and feel the value. It is also because it preserves ethnic properties from burglary, loss and damage as well as keeping our history eternally,

In order to admire thedonors’ noble heart, we operate the donation center and publish pictorial books about the donated relics. Busan Museum is always looking forward to cultural property donations.

For further information, please call at the Arts and Science Center of Busan Museum(☎610-7136).

Purchase of Relics

Purchase of Relics

Every year Busan Museum purchases historical materials of Busan from private citizensto display them for the public.

The remains we would like to purchase are Busan related historical materials that have been handed down from the Age of the Unified Silla period to the present (till in1953).

They can be invaluable materials that explain general life of people in Busan from the opening of a port in 1876 to the Independence in 1945 and Korean-Japanese related materials that are focused on geographical particularity with Japan, especially Tongsinsa (mission), Imjin Waeran (Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, the Imjin Year) and Japanese History. We also purchase Folk crafts and the historical materials that can show a life of austerity from the Korean War.

We plan to publish the detail list of remains that we would like to collect. The application time and how to apply will be posted in detail on Media Companies or at our home page at an applicable time.

For further information, please call at the Arts and Science Center of Busan Museum(☎610-7132).