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Arts and Science Research

The scientific research is to make a report of excavated historic sites and publishing research collection of thesis papers. The report on the excavated remains can be prepared through the process of drawing of the old structures confirmed through excavation and excavated remains, photographing, making drafts, printing, etc.

The completed report is distributed to experts, museums and libraries as their first reference materials. Reports that have been published so far are 『Deokcheon-dong Ancient Tombs』『Nopo-dong site』『1, 2 Dugu-dong site』『 Bokcheon-dong site』 『The 53rd tomb of Bokcheon-dong』『Saenggok-dong Gadal Ancient Tombs 1』『 Mandeok-dong field of death』『 Beombang Shell Midden 1, 2』『 Danggam-dong ruins of a castle 1』『 Guemdan point Boseongji』『Jinju Gwigok-dong Daechon site』『Fishing Culture in Neolithic Period』『Research of Relics in the site to extend the Ami Primary School Building』 『Report on the surface research of cultural properties in the project site to develop the city(1st Phase) of International Industry and Distribution in the rear of Busan New Port』, etc.

In addition, culture researchers of Busan Museum started publishing research collection of thesis papers to include individual result from the research since 1992. Up to this time, total of 20 collections have been distributed.

Publication of Books

Once every year, Busan Museum publishes a Research report, Scientific Survey report, Research collection of thesis papers, pictorial books