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Jeonggwan Museum

Welcome! Jeonggwan Museum

Welcome! Jeonggwan Museum

Jeonggwan Museum is constructed to preserve and exhibit artifacts excavated in 1700 from the village ruins of the Three Kingdoms in Ga-dong, Jeonggwan-myeon because of a new city composition. Artifacts found in several ruins from the Gijang region are exhibited together; we hope visitors will experience the vivid and detailed lifestyle of the past. The museum also provides a space to share village history and stories with old citizens who had to leave the village due to new city development.

Modern museums emphasize the role of complex cultural space in an effort to communicate with citizens rather than just fulfilling a traditional role by simply preserving cultural assets.With this in mind, the new Jeonggwan Museum is committed to act as a bridge to connect the past and the present, allowing history and traditional culture to grow together with visitors. Jeonggwan Museum Director

Construction Background

The Cultural Heritage Administration gave notification for the construction and preservation of an exhibition and artifact park for the ruins excavated within the Jeonggwan Housing Development Project district.
The administration discussed the operation and completed it by receiving donations from Busan for the storage and administration of buried cultural property.

Museum Characteristics

As Korea's first museum for the Three Kingdoms Period Lifecycle, the museum reproduces activities focused on the housekeeping of the people and villages in this era, and it also provides hands-on experiences in which visitors can go inside reconstructed village of the Three Kingdoms period as part of the outdoor exhibition park.
A space is provided to reproduce memories of natives who left their hometown due to new urban development, to connect the past and present cities, and to introduce the village's history to immigrants in the new city.
Busan's only history experience center for children provides opportunities to experience the Three Kingdoms parade, a workshop, and fairy-tale world, experiencing this era through play will provoke children's interest in history.