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Since its opening in 1978, our museum has grown old when compared with other public museums in many places all over the country However, as time went by, the museum became inadequate to be a symbol of Busan which is growing into a global city. It became insufficient to be a pride of it's citizens due to its aged and limited facilities.

For this reason, in 2002, efforts were made to satisfy the citizens' desire for culture through new construction of 2nd exhibition building based on the relics that had been secured by means of excavations, donations and purchases, etc.

The remains collected and exhibited in the museum are important materials that show the character of history and culture of Busan from the prehistoric times to the present age. In addition to this, they are not only the evidences that shows us who we are but also the treasures that create the wisdom, revealing to us the path that we will proceed .

In the future, we will continue to make our museum achieve its function and roles as a comprehensive museum through collections, preservations, studies and exhibitions of traditional cultural materials related to our community. We will also run a program for a variety of educations and cultures that will satisfy the citizens. This way, we will make the museum as an open history and culture space that is favored by all of us.

By revitalizing the exchanges both home and abroad in various ways, we will also work diligently so that the museum may be the place matching its status of Busan, the largest port city in Northeast Asia.