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The achievements that have been obtained through researches and studies are opened to the public and scholars by means of permanent and special exhibitions. The Permanent exhibition shows the cultures in the periods of Pre-history and Ancient Age, centering on the Bokcheon-dong Tombs. The special exhibition is held more than once every year in respect of the themes that are important in historical meaning.

Research of Remains

There are 2 ways to examine remains. One is Sub-aerial research, which is to find out remains and historic sites on the earth. The other one is Excavation research, which is to examine remains and historic sites systematically by excavating under the historic sites.

Busan Museum’s typical excavation sites are Deokcheon-dong old tombs, Nopo-dong old tombs, Dugu-dong Imseok(wooden stone) site, Bokcheondong Ancient Tombs , Gadal old tombs, Mandeok-dong field of death, Danggam-dong ruins of a fortress, Haeundae Paleolithic site, Guemdan-point Boseongji, Cheonggangli Ancient Tombs, Dongsam-dong Shell Mound, Beombang Shell Mound, etc.

Management of the Remains

The museum collects the remains through donations, holding in trust, keeping, etc. and does the works to arrange, preserve and manage the remains that have been collected.

Especially, as for the metal remains such as ironware, bronze-ware, etc. which are subject to easy corrosion and the soft earthenware which are subject to easy damage, best efforts are exerted to maintain their original form by means of scientific preservation through cutting-edge equipments for preservation and expertise preservation treatment.

Scientific Research

The scientific research is to make a report of excavated historic sites and publishing research collection of thesis papers. The report on the excavated remains can be prepared through the process of drawing of the old structures confirmed through excavation and excavated remains, photographing, making drafts, printing, etc.

The completed report is distributed to experts, museums and libraries as their first draft materials.

Museum Education

Bokcheon-dong Museum is sort of a cultural center to promote the cultural development of our community and the members. In order to discharge this role, we provide many kinds of social education programs. The social education programs include yearly Museum lecture for Adult and Children, Internal and External invitation lecture by both local and overseas great scholars. In addition to this, various social education programs such as guide education, lecture of ancient history, etc. are arranged.