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The museum demonstrates exhibition activities of which functionally arranges various cultural materials, which were studied by art and science researchers in order to show citizens of cultural backgrounds.

The details can be classified into permanent exhibition and planned exhibition.

Permanent exhibition means an exhibition that you can appreciate always and the current permanent exhibitions are two exhibitions at Dongnae Pavilion and Busan Pavilion and from the Paleolithic Age to the modern time in outdoor exhibition site focused on the Center of Busan. The site features various artifacts and relics where visitors can enjoy the flow of a history.

Planned exhibition refers to in-depth events with themes on a specific period, fields and regions; The muse has held roughly 70 events as below: in 2003 (Another Life, Our Doll), 2004 (Flower and Ceramic), 2005 (The Beauty of Women of the Joseon Dynasty), 2006 (The Essence of Royal Family Culture, Royal Seal Exhibition), (When line meets line, Embroidery Exhibition of Southeast Asia), 2007 (Paintings Full of Happiness, Folk Painting), 2008 (Palace, A Photo of Glass Plate Palace of National Museum of Korea), 2009 (Dongnae Governor), 2010 (Chang Young-sil and Country of Science, Goongri), 2011 (Gillsang), 2012 (Imjin Waeran), 2013 (Progress, The Trace of 50 Years), 2014 (Yongnam Main Street)

International exchange exhibitions with various themes that introduce the histories and cultures of sister cities from around the world have been held from 2005 to today:
2005 (China's Ancient Bronze Period / Jade ware), 2008 (Korea and Japan), 2009 (Chinese bowl exhibition of National Museum of China), 2010 (Vietnam, From Red River to the Mekong River), 2011 (Making Jade out of Clay, Yongcheon Celadon), 2012 (Turkish Civilization Exhibition), 2013 (Formosa, The Culture of Taiwan), and 2014 (Exhibitions of Products of the Maritime Province in Russia, Primo Rijeka).