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  • Shell Bracelet

    Shell Bracelet썸네일
    Various accessories were excavated at Dongsam-dong shell midden. Among them the most representative artifact was a shell bracelet made with tubak shell. Considering its size, it seemed that it was worn by a woman. And it is an important data which we can find out the customs of that time and the interchange with other areas.  
  • Bear Shaped Mud Figure and Shell Mask

    Bear Shaped Mud Figure and Shell Mask썸네일
    The people of the Neolithic Age showed the respect for nature and desire for abundance through religious faith and ceremony. The bear shaped mud figure and shell mask excavated in Dongsam-dong are the typical artifacts which we can find out the trace of spiritual world of the times. 
  • Burned Millets

    Burned Millets썸네일
    The people in Neolithic Age mainly engaged in hunting and fishing and took care of the basic food by collecting acorn or fruit depends on the season. At the site of dwelling in Dongsam-dong shell midden the burned millets were found and was spotlighted as a proof in primitive farming centering on mixed grains. 
  • Connecting type fishhook

    Connecting type fishhook썸네일
    The connecting type fishhook is mainly distributed in the eastern and southern coastal area. Generally the fish hook was made with axis made with stone and hooks made with bone. It appears to be from early period of comb-patterned pottery to the latter period. It is presumed that it was mainly used to catch a large fish in distant sea.   
  • Obsidian

    The obsidian, which is a volcanic rock with glass character, can be made as a sharp knife with light hit. Therefore it was mainly used as a knife or arrowhead in Neolithic Age. We can assume the place of origin by analyzing the component. Most of the obsidian in southern area of Korean peninsula was originated from northern Kyusu, Japan. Along with a jomon pottery it is an artifact which we can find out an active interchange between Korea and Japan. 
  • Grinding Stone and Grinding Plate

    Grinding Stone and Grinding Plate썸네일
    It is a daily necessity which peels off the millets and makes powder. It was widely used in entire period of Neolithic Age.