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The museum exhibits relics using various directive techniques to help easier understanding by the general public through research on collected artifacts.
Jeonggwan Museum features permanent exhibitions of two themes; life history related to villages from the Three Kingdoms and memories of Jeonggwan residents in modern times.The museum features special exhibitions once a year of various themes related to the Gijang region and life stories of its residents, where the museum is located to provide opportunities to enjoy various cultures.

Relics Management

The museum manages and preserves relics, including classification, sorting, restoration, conservation, and registration in order to collect and present relics for exhibition, education, and research through excavation, purchase, and donation.
Jeonggwan Museum is collecting data with which it can shed light on the history of the Gijang region to secure exhibition and research materials. It is committed to continuing its endeavor of storing and attracting excavated and investigated cultural assets in the Gijang region, such as Yongsuri relics in Gadong, Gijang.


Professional seminars and various cultural experience programs provide learning opportunities of Korea's traditional culture and play an important role in delivering accurate historical information to the next generation. Demand for a variety of content programs where students gain hands-on experience are on the rise. Thus, the museum will do its best to create a cultural space that aims to deliver the joy of history through activities targeting children.

Publication of Series of Academic Research

The result of academic research, the museum's unique function will be published in a series of academic research papers to be shared with citizens. Jeonggwan Museum annually compiles and analyzes data related to life history to provide a foundation for academic research and establish the identity of the Life HistoryMuseum ofthe Three Kingdoms period. The plan will feature themes such as the Three Kingdoms architectures, eating and clothing habits, community life, and belief. The plan will also introduce modern-time history, folk customs, and photographic materials of the newly developed Gijang region.